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What was the Season?

Can you name the location?
East Main St Near old Drury High School

Sir! I beg to differ. 1st) There is not, nor was there, a parking lot across the street from Conte Middle School. (The "Old Drury High School".) 2nd) This end of the street that we are looking at is a dead end with a cross street. (That rules out East Main St.) 3rd) Do I, at this moment, know where we are? NOPE!!! Let me ponder, s'il vous plait. (If you please.) Judging from the shadows on the left, behind the parked cars, we are looking west. Right now I feel that we are looking at the new Transcript building. The cross street is Ashland. The parking lot on the left may be for the old VFW. New parking lot on right for the A&P store. "Church" facade down the street may be an illusion. Looks like the Jarish Box Co behind it. Just offering a guess. Not trying to "down" you. RUSTY.

This time, I beg to differ with myself! After looking at the picture, this morning, and seeing it from a different viewpoint, I realize that it is not a "parking lot" on the left, but 2 way traffic on East Main St., and that what I thought was the roadway, is actually where they made a place for the school buses to get out of the traffic lane. My humble apologies. You are correct!! RUSTY.


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