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Can you name the location?
Lookls like the old Drury High School

Posted: 01/16/2002

Can you name the location?
Drury High

My Alma Mater!!!!

Posted: 06/07/2002

What was the Year?

Can you name any of the people?
George Nickerson directing the action

Can you name the location?
North Adams Middle School, now Conte Middle School

This was our annual "Bike-a-thon." It was held the first few springs that new middle school was open. The course ran down Church Street, along East Road to Adams, and back along Curran Highway. Money was raised for charity. Ahh, the days before liability! I enjoyed riding with the kids!

Posted: 02/18/2003

For some us this IS DRURY HIGH SCHOOL...and forever will be.

Posted: 06/25/2008

I AGREE...THIS WILL ALWAYS BE DRURY!!! That is the trouble with North Adams...always changing and tearing something down that is dear to our hearts! Why wasn't it named Drury Middle School...I ask?

Posted: 10/13/2009

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