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Can you name the location?
in Adams

Posted: 01/02/2002

Can you name the location?
Pfizer, (now Specialty Minerals,) in Adams, Ma.

It only looks like winter because of the white limestone. Judging from the lack of leaves on the trees, I would guess that the pic was taken in late fall or early spring. If you look in the background, East road, you can see that there is not any "snow" on the ground.

Posted: 02/18/2002

Can you name the location?
Bryce Canyon in the winter

Posted: 12/12/2005

Can you name the location?
Adams, adjacent to Notch Road

The center of the photo shows the lime mine in Adams that was operated by Pfizer when the photograph was taken, the mine currently operated by Specialty Minerals. The lower right hand corner region of the photograph shows a portion of the old marble quarry that was several hundred yards east of Notch Road in Adams. The mine has since been expanded and that marble quarry no longer exists. The adjacent section of Notch Road has since been closed and is covered with some of the overburden that has been removed the mine. Locally the mine is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a quarry. It began as a quarry, but is now a mine. Minerals are taken from a mine while stone is taken from a quarry, and that operation is now taking minerals not stone.

Posted: 08/26/2013

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